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I just realized that my last day off work was last tuesday....My next day off is friday.That will be me working 9 straight days in a row.Holy cow!I never thought I could do that. 

Writer's Block: Loved Ones Afar

Do you miss anyone right now? What past experiences with this person, or these persons, make it easy for you to miss them?
 cory my ex,after we broke up i dont know what happened.we became good friends and are able to talk about pretty much anything.then earlier this year he moved to boston.i saw him today hes back for a month then hes being shipped off to iraq.hes one of the few people i can talk to just about anything.i hope he makes it ok there.i thought i didnt miss him,but i realized today that i actually did.quite a bit.
 Well so far this weekend hasnt been too bad.Everyone at work(including customers) were expecting it to be crazy.It being the first of the month and all.Well Dont get me wrong friday it was crazy.The service desk line was practically out the door at one time and the pharmacy line was half way down isle 1.I asked the front end if I could help the service desk at all and she said it was all for stuff that had to be rung up there.I felt bad cause there was only one girl up there at one point.

Yesterday wasnt bad at all.I mean it did get busy a couple times but not nearly as bad as friday.It was consistent so that made the day go by quickly.My parents were out when I got off so I picked up some chicken nuggets and mozzeralla sticks.The mozzerallla sticks werent that great but the chicken nuggets were pretty good.

I wanted to watch a movie when I got home but as soon as I laid on the couch I fell asleep.Man this comming week is going to be a killer.I work 630-230 shift every day except sunday thursday and friday.

But anyhow.Not much is going on the past couple days.Justin and I made up so were cool now.

Im supposed to go to the movies tonight but I dont know if ill be able to.Since I work at 630 tomorrow and all.Ill see how I feel after work today.

Lately,I have been craving tuna noodle cassserole.I dont know why.I believe we have the tuna and the mushroom soup.I just need a good recipe.The casserole I made last time didnt come out too well.It was very dry.So if anyone knows a good recipe it will be muchly appreciated.

Well,I really should go get something for breakfast and get ready for work.

Oh this morning I found a nice litle surprise in my pocket.I went to straighten out my pants pocket because it was all scrunched up and here I pull my hand out and theres a 10 dollar bill in there.I was like wow!So that was a nice little surprise to start off my day.That usually doesnt happen to me often so when it does Im usually surprised.

Well thats all for now.will be posting later proably.

What a Loser!

 I was invited to go bar hopping with a bunch of guys.

Like my usual boring self I said no.

Darn,and that was the first time someone invited me to go.

But I would have felt out of place because it was for my friend jeff to get over his recent break up.

Oh well,proably will be other chances.

Haha who am I kidding...


 So yea,Justin is getting on my last nerve. 

Yesterday,all day,he was asking me what time I wanted him to come over and if we were haning out.And Saying that he was going to come down.

Then after telling me hes comming down, about quarter to 7 he sends a text saying hes going to have to cancel because he wants to hang out with a friend he hasnt seen for awhile.

Then later on he told me it was drew...

Blah....Why justin?Whyyyy Would you do that?You made such a big deal about comming down and having a fire then last minute you bail on me for him?I was soo sooo mad at him last night.Ive calmed down some but Im still ticked.

Oh then I have to tell you guys,all the time he brings up drews name.Like when me him and kevin are haning out.Like almost everytime he says something about him.And I have told him not to menetion him several times.And again he brings him up on the camping trip.I mean there was no need to menetion anything related to him.

Well I really should get going before I say too much.

p.s-why doesnt the mood selection has mad as a mood?

nintendo ds super card

i have never used it.i have everything it came with.is anyone interested in buying it? 

Jul. 28th, 2008

 YAY!!! Lana took my nails off for me tonight.Now I can actually function like normal again...Thankyou Lana...


Well,Im back.It was an awesome weekend.I only wish it could be longer.My friends and I have already agreed to do it again soon.I have some of the pictures for you guys.I will do a more detailed post tomorrow.Right now Im getting ready for work.

Hope you enjoy!


See yall soon!

 Well tomorrow were leaving for our camping trip so I proably wont be able to post till about monday.

Kevin myself justin lana and debbie are all going and I sooo cant wait.

Be on the look out for a picture post!

Too good to be true? Or is it?

 So this morning around 430 I wake up to a voicemail that was left at quarter to 2 in the morning from justin.
(why would you call me at that time?)

Umm Hilary could you call me sometime after 9,I want to talk to you about this weekend.

GOD,Justin you better not be calling me to tell me lana cant come so that means you cant come because I will be very mad and my point will be proven.

I will seriously be pissed if he bails.They way he sounded,he was either too tired or sad.I cant stand this.Everytime something good happens there's always someone around to ruin it for me.Well Im going to call him on my break and see whats going on.He better not bail.I will be sooo mad if he does.

And yea Im actually typing this at 545 am.