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Nov. 2nd, 2009

Eric moved back to pittsburgh,so the guys are going to start up their dnd sessions again.Matt thinks I'll be a good barbarian for some reason.He went over the handbook with me.For the first game I'm just gonna watch.I'm really excited because they apparetly go all out for it.Sean is surprised I want to try it.It sounds like alot of fun to me.

Tonight's episode of Big Bang theory wasn't that great.Penny was having friend's over for a football party and Leonard found out she didn't invite him because she didn't want him to be embarrassed because he doesn't know anything about football.Then he had Sheldon teach him about it.

I found a Nancy Drew online game that I could have downloaded but I didn't want to and have it mess up Sean's computer.

Well,I have an hour and a half till Sean gets home.I really don't have anything to do.It sucks.He told me I need to find a hobbie that interests me while he plays his computer games.Which he is right because on my days off I just sit around.So I ordered some beads on amazon and I'm going to start making jewlery again.I really want to get back into bjd's but their clothes and stuff is soo expensive.But I really enjoyed it.I was thinking when I pick a dnd character Id make one of my bjd's themed like that.I dunno if I'll be able to pull it off though.

Hmm, any new news,My uncle who passed away back in janurary's ex-wife made a facebook group about him and posted pics of her and him together and pics of him and his financee together without even asking her if she could.I was definately not expecting to see pictures of him when I signed onto facebook.I clicked on the link for the group and as soon as I saw the pictures of him I just started bawling.I really thought I was over that stage.I guess I'm not


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Nov. 3rd, 2009 06:13 am (UTC)
OMG you play Nancy Drew games too?? The ones from Her Interactive? My sister and I are obsessed with them.
Nov. 3rd, 2009 08:30 pm (UTC)
ive only played a few demos online..but i reaaaally wanna get a cdrom of their games.their soo much fun!
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