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Recent Purchase!

Yes so for the past couple months I have been behaving myself and not buying online.But today I did make a couple purchases online.But they were things I have been meaning to get and can use.Stuff for camping and just stuff for around the house.

The first thing I got was This cool looking chair for 2 people.Dont get me wrong theres nothing wrong with the single chairs.But I thought this would be nice so Kevin and I can sit on it together by the fire and Ill be able to use it in the house when we have company over.

Then afterwards I was browsing the outdoors/camping section of amazon and fund this really cute set of dishes that are red and white and come with bowls plates cups and silver ware.Only for 34 and some cents.I couldnt pass that up.Also got a small thing of untensils.A spoon,slotted spoon and spatula.I figured I will be able to use these for quite sometime.I was going to post a picture but I cant get the copy and paste to work on here for some reason.

Well thats pretty much it.I found another cool outdoors specialty store online called fogdog.com so I think Im going to go check that out now and see what they have.Seem to have pretty good feedback.So I feel pretty good about this order.The chair should be here by friday and the dishes on wednesday cause they were amazon prime.So Im looking forward to them comming.Also yesterday I got out 2 coolers and washed them out.Their pretty nice sized.I didnt know we had both of them.Well be using one for beverages and one for food.I read online that you should have 2 seperate coolers since the drink one will be opened more and you should keep the food one closed as much as possible and covered with a beach towel to keep it colder.Well now Im really going.tata.



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